Learn How to Organize Your Garage in 4 Simple Steps

Published: January 29, 2021
Learn How to Organize Your Garage in 4 Simple Steps

As we all know, the garage does not have just one function, but with the passage of time this place designed to store only cars, has become part workshop, part storage room. We always tell you that a good organization in this type of space is essential. That is why today we are going to show you how to organize your garage.

Do you know why most don’t keep their car in the garage? Simply because it doesn’t fit! Sometimes we forget that the main objective of having a garage is to protect the car from inclement weather, and by the way, we have an extra space to store.

Organization in the garage sometimes gets out of hand. We forgot. But it is a space that helps us to save and in which, if there is space, we carry out activities. Keep it in order.

Follow These 4 Steps to Learn How to Organize Your Garage

How many things go into the garage and some remain to never leave! In this space we are used to keeping many things that do not enter the house. But keeping it in order is also something that we often miss.

Here are the steps you must follow in order to learn how to organize your garage:

  1. First you must empty and clean everything
  2. Classify and organize everything you have in the garage
  3. Take advantage of the walls to store tools
  4. Store all small items in boxes

There are very simple storage solutions with which to put everything in order and without making a large investment. You just have to know how to organize the garage so that each object is organized, by hand and locatable. No more wasting time looking for something.

First You Must Empty and Clean Everything

First You Must Empty and Clean Everything

This is the hardest part, but necessary. Empty the garage, get rid of everything you no longer need and take an inventory of what you want to keep in order to organize everything efficiently.

Also decide in this first stage what your needs and priorities are: you want to reserve space for the car, you want to create a work area with a tool bench, or you simply want to create clean, dry and accessible storage spaces.

Classify and Organize Everything You Have in the Garage

Classify and Organize Everything You Have in the Garage

With the garage empty, study the space you have well and designate four or five areas where you can group objects related to the same topic, for example: work tools, gardening (including the lawn mower), garden furniture, scraps paint and other renovation and repair materials.

Now pay special attention to the containers you have in the garage. Our first recommendation is that you eliminate all cardboard boxes and replace them with hard plastic boxes of different sizes and with a lid that closes hermetically.

To quickly identify what you are looking for, we recommend that, in addition to labeling its content, you use plastic boxes of different colors.

Take Advantage of the Walls to Store Tools

Take Advantage of the Walls to Store Tools

Study the walls carefully to make the most of the vertical space. We advise you to use shelves specially designed for garages (made of more resistant and stainless materials). Put as many as you can on the walls and organize as follows:

  • Put on the higher shelves what you use less frequently and on the ones that are at eye level what you need to have more close at hand.
  • Intersperse the shelves with peg boards hanging on the wall.
  • Put hooks of different sizes in each hole of the board and hang from them the tools that you use most frequently or even small buckets (or buckets) where you can put miscellaneous objects such as brushes, screws, rulers and others.
  • Use glass jars to organize nuts, nails, and bolts.

Store All Small Items in Boxes

Store All Small Items in Boxes

Ideal for the smallest objects, easier to lose. This way they will all be in one place and in a more organized way. Multipurpose plastic boxes are perfect to be placed on the shelves. Better if its interior is completely smooth, so that the maximum possible space is used.

Also, some of them are stackable. They tend to have a high load capacity and high resistance to impacts. Without a doubt, they are a simple solution as well as economic. You can also place them on trolleys with wheels, to make transport easier.

It would be ideal if they had a lid, to keep the products in the best conditions of conservation and protection.

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