Best-rated Kansas City moving companies

Published: July 13, 2021

You’ve looked through the yellow pages and have searched the internet for the right mover to hire for your local move. You have, in the process, found many names but aren’t sure who to hire.

It’s not surprising because the internet does offer an overwhelming amount of information. It can many a time create more confusion than provide a solution! However, instead of only looking for Kansas City moving companies, you should narrow down your search.

Do it by looking for only the best-rated Kansas City moving companies. You thus know you have licensed and professional movers and packers packing and transporting your valuables from one destination to another.

This is where this list of the eight best-rated movers in Kansas City should help you.

Good Guys Moving KC

Good Guys Moving KC is movers available 24/7 to perform moves for all their clients. They offer fast and affordable residential moving services that make even complicated moves so much easier.

They boast the necessary experience and tools to provide for a quick and effective residential, local, and even long-distance move. With 20 years of moving experience, they have the expertise to perform complete moves from packing to transporting and unpacking of your belongings.

Good Guys Moving KC boasts of a fleet of equipped vehicles to conduct all types of moves. Call them for a free personalized, professional quote for a safe, secure, and stress-free move.

Aardvark Moving

Kansas City moving company

Aardvark Moving was founded in 1999 and had, over the years, gained the experience to perform all types of moves. This family-owned intrastate moving company serves residential, commercial, local, and long-distance moves in the greater Kansas City area.

Their specialty lies in safely transporting valuables like pianos, pool tables, antiques, fine art, and chandeliers. Licensed and insured, the company also offers storage, packing, unpacking, and furniture disassembling and reassembling services.

A Friend with a Truck Movers

A Friend With A Truck Movers is a locally owned small business serving both residential and commercial customers in Kansas City with local and long-distance movers.

This intrastate moving company safely transports large and heavy items like furniture and pianos, along with packing and unpacking services. Licensed and insured, the movers also help disassemble and reassemble furniture in the new location.

Centurion Moving & Storage, LLC

Centurion Moving & Storage, LLC

Centurion Moving & Storage LLC has more than twenty years of experience catering to the residential and commercial moves of the citizens of Kansas City.

This veteran-owned moving company is skilled in long-distance moves and safe transport of valuables like fine art, electronics, and exercise equipment.

The movers have a warehouse containing more than 2,700 multi-sized climate-controlled storage units to store valuables. They even have movers to help corporations, labs, and retail stores with moves.

JAM Moving

JAM Moving is known for its prompt arrival, dedication, and professionalism in conducting residential, commercial, and office moves across greater Kansas City.

They also deliver future and appliances and help seniors disassemble and reassemble furniture.

KC Movers

KC Movers company in Kansas

KC Movers caters to their customers’ residential and commercial moves. Their specialty lies in moving large furniture and valuables like pianos, along with packing, unpacking, and furniture disassembling and reassembling services.

Licensed and insured movers, KC Movers are known for their reliability, courteousness, and punctuality in conducting moves.

Let’s Get Moving

Let’s Get Moving has been conducting local, long-distance, and international moves to the people of the greater Kansas City area since 2015. They are known for their specialization in moving furniture, pianos, and other heavy items.

They also help make moves easier through additional services like storage, packing, unpacking, dissembling, and reassembling of furniture. Licensed and insured, the movers are famous for their professionalism.

Overland Park Movers

Overland Park Movers offer long-distance and local residential and commercial moving solutions to the people of greater Kansas City and Overland Park areas. They specialize in vehicle transportation, along with packing, unpacking, and storage services.

Overland Park Movers in Kansas

After going through this list of the eight best-rated Kansas city moving companies making a choice must seem so much easier. Choose your mover mainly based on the type of move you are looking for, like residential or commercial, or interstate or intrastate move.

And if you have heavy furniture, valuables, antiques, or pianos to transport, look for moving companies specializing in relocation. Some movers also offer storage facilities, which prove helpful if shifting later or if you need time unpacking things.

Collect free quotes from these best-rated Kansas City moving companies, and select the right mover for your needs and budget.

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