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Welcome to Good Guys Moving & Storage! Here you will find everything you need to move quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to get professional moving services in Shawnee KS. We are ready to put our experience and our tools at your disposal.

Moving Services in Shawnee KS

We are experts in all types of removals. We can move large and small homes in and out of the city. If you need to move waxes, works of art, high-tech equipment, vehicles, we are the ones. Our team is here to make your move as pleasant as possible.

In the business world, time is money and we know the importance of efficiency when moving a single office or an entire building. We will customize a special moving schedule just for your ease, which includes night or weekend moves, to ensure that you can work with the least possible interruption and save on expensive stops of your company, we know that your business is our business.

Good Guys Moving & Storage is the local mover in Shawnee KS!

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We are a moving company with extensive experience in moving locally. We have modern moving trucks, with all the security you need for your transfers, and the guarantee of delivery in the time and manner agreed with the client. That is why we pride ourselves on offering the best moving services in Shawnee KS.

Our team offers an exclusive moving service for businesses. We take care of everything from packaging furniture, displays, refrigerators, catering or production machines, to transport segmented by type of machine and furniture.

We provide service in the main cities near Kansas City, for any private move or office or business move. Our team also offers ground cargo transportation service, warehouses for rent, packing and packing services. In addition, we offer logistical advice for companies in any sector. Contact us now and receive a personalized moving quote for your needs.

We have specialized personnel for any work related to logistics services:

  • Professional drivers
  • Personnel loading and unloading moving trucks.
  • Inventory management, control of loaded merchandise.
  • Experts in moving packed goods.
  • Packers for furniture and products.

Shawnee Residential Moving Company: Contact the Local Pros!

Shawnee Residential moving company

We know how to move quickly on time, and at the best price, because during our years of experience, we have satisfied the needs of hundreds of families. We offer residential services that are focused on helping people who want to move from one house or apartment to another. Contact us today to get a personalized free quote.

Our goal is to save you worries in a transfer situation and to delegate the freight transport service to professionals who can take care of everything. Don’t worry, Good Guys Moving & Storage is here to take care of everything. We are just a call away, take your phone and dial our number so you can get the best moving services in Shawnee KS.

We carry out all kinds of private moves for couples and families who are planning a home transfer or emancipation.

Commercial Moving Services in Shawnee KS

Commercial Moving Services in Shawnee KS

Our team of professionals will advise you to assess the total volume of furniture and objects to be transported, the nature of these objects (fragility, weight, special conditions). Based on all this we are going to offer you the service that best suits your needs.

We have experience in moving offices in record time and with all the guarantees. We carry out a preliminary study of elements to transport, as well as provision of protection elements for computers, printers, servers, and any other technological device.

We coordinate with the manager or the person in charge of the move to perform the service at times that do not affect the operation (nights, weekends) or even in a staggered manner by areas or departments. Likewise, we make our entire fleet of vehicles and the entire Good Guys Moving & Storage staff available in case a massive toss is necessary.

Good Guys Moving & Storage Are the Senior Moving Experts to Call

Good Guys Moving & Storage Are the Senior Moving Experts to Call

We offer removals with all biosecurity measures. Disinfected trolleys, staff with all protective equipment. Our team will provide peace of mind and security to your family. Take the stress out of relocation with our moving services in Shawnee KS. We can make everything easy for you! We are specialists in moving for adults.

We can move anything anywhere, regardless of size, value, and condition. We have professional staff to care for and move delicate items that require special treatment and we can move them as quickly as you like.

Just tell us what items you are moving and when you want to transport them. A team of friendly and professional specialists will ensure that your belongings arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Get fast & affordable moving services in Shawnee KS.

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Full-Service Moving Solution in Shawnee, KS

Reputable Moving & Packing Services in Independence, MO

Packing Service in Independence, MO - Good Guys Moving KC

We provide the packaging service for your furniture and home or office appliances. This moving packing service gives you greater peace of mind when changing your home or workplace. You just have to call us and we will take care of transporting everything quickly and safely. Contact us today to get a personalized free quote.

We offer maximum protection for large, bulky, or heavy products. Our team understands the need to create solutions that allow for easy packaging and that eliminates the risk of product damage in transit. Don't think twice, Good Guys Moving KC is the moving company to call.

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