4 Small Bedroom Ideas That Will Help You Maximize Every Corner of Your Room

Published: November 30, 2020
Small Bedroom Ideas

One of the biggest challenges when equipping a house is being able to find solutions for a small bedroom. It is normal that you have too many ideas and expectations in your head, but sometimes it is difficult to make them come true. So we think you need to read this blog to learn these four small bedroom ideas.

If you also feel overwhelmed in front of the few square meters of your room, do not worry, here we bring you solutions so that you can make the most of your space. I can assure you that with these ideas and a little originality, you will be able to enjoy a functional and cozy room.

If you live in an apartment of relatively modest dimensions, it is very likely that you have quite small bedrooms, so it is essential to have the ability to optimize your space in the best way. In this guide we are going to try to teach you how to take advantage of every corner of your room.

These Are the Top 4 Small Bedroom Ideas That Will Help You Maximize the Space of Your Room

In general, you will end up organizing the room according to the use that you are going to give the bedroom and the style of the person who is going to use it. In all cases, we offer you some interesting alternatives. The most important thing is that it is practical and functional, but without leaving style behind, since the more beautiful and cozy it is, the better we will feel in it.

Here are the top five small bedroom ideas you must consider:

  1. Place drawers under the free space of the bed
  2. Utilize wall space for extra storage
  3. Look for innovative ideas to replace the closet
  4. Give double duty to the top of the bed
  5. A bunk-style bed will help you optimize space

Surely you think that a small room reduces your possibilities of decoration and distribution of space, but you only need to put all the belongings in order and allocate an area for each of them. Without a doubt, the first rule for this to work is to always keep order.

Place Drawers under the Free Space of the Bed

Place Drawers under the Free Space of the Bed

In small rooms it is difficult to find space to store clothes, shoes, bags and other belongings, so the best way to get some extra drawers is to place them under the bed. Some furniture already comes with this design, but if you don’t get it that way, you can have it made to measure.

In the children’s bedroom is perhaps where we need extra space the most, since there are many implements that they need, therefore, the best idea for this small room is to place large cabinets, preferably that go from floor to ceiling, this way you take advantage of every inch of this space.

Utilize Wall Space for Extra Storage

Utilize Wall Space for Extra Storage

If you don’t have space for a closet, use an entire wall to fit multiple drawers that take up floor-to-ceiling space. Ideally, they should be the same color as the wall, in this way it will be an almost invisible closet.

For a small room to look nice and tidy, you must use every inch with intelligence, just as we show you in this image. Use the bottom of the bed to place drawers, next to the bed or on any wall that you have available, place as many shelves as you can, in this way you can not only decorate but also organize your belongings.

Look for Innovative Ideas to Replace the Closet

Look for Innovative Ideas to Replace the Closet

For small bedrooms, it is not advisable to place large closets, because they take up a lot of space, so it is best to use innovative ideas, which provide the possibility of storage. As for example, the baskets, in addition to being a modern accessory, you can use as drawers, you can also make your own clothesline and hang the clothes that you do not want to wrinkle.

To replace the extra furniture space in the room, there are other options such as cabinets, bedside tables, but especially baskets. Yes, those that before were only used to carry clothes, now they are also used as storage, but at the same time they give a decorative touch to the space.

Give Double Duty to the Top of the Bed

Give Double Duty to the Top of the Bed

Another idea to organize and save space at the same time in a room with limited space is to give double functionality to any piece of furniture. In this case, it will be at the top of the bed, it not only serves for this function, it can also be used as a bookcase or even a library.

We all know that bunk beds are formed by a structure where there is one bed on top of the other, however here we are only going to use the idea, but in a different way. Instead of using the space below with a second mattress, you can choose to make it your closet. This saves space, you have your bed comfortable, and surely you will have some extra space in the room, which you can use with a small desk.

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